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By / May 3, 2017 / Workouts

In this workout specifically tailored for women, you participate in different types of circuit training each time you work out. The moves in the circuit can range from low impact to high impact so that all ages and levels of fitness can participate with ease. The moves involve light running, weights, body-weight exercises like sit-ups or wall squats and other things. It’s comparable to P90x with the ability to customize the intensity to your preferred fitness level.
The best part of this workout is that it’s nationally regulated so you can use your membership at any gym in the country no matter where you’re at. Also, you can start off by taking as many free classes as you like then you can choose to join or not. Although, many who have tried the workout, at least a few times, can all agree that being able to choose your level of impact is easily the best part of the whole workout. This allows members to workout based on the way they feel that day without any unnecessary pressure to push themselves.
In the end, this workout program is intended for any woman on any day of the week no matter how she feels. The program is even tailored for you to come down and get a workout in even if you’re hung over – how great is that? In order to sign up or find out even more information, like a location near you you can visit their official website here.

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