• Awesome New Workout – KaiaFit!

    By / May 3, 2017 / Workouts

    In this workout specifically tailored for women, you participate in different types of circuit training each time you work out. The moves in the circuit can range from low impact to high impact so that all ages and levels of fitness can participate with ease. The moves involve light running, weights, body-weight exercises like sit-ups… [read more]

  • Former NFL QB Troy Aikman Has A Workout That Is No Pain In The Back!

    By / November 23, 2016 / Workouts

    Former Dallas Cowboys great and Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman had his career cut short due to his constant struggle with chronic back pain. The struggle continued even after he retired from football and he knew it was time to devise a way to put an end to that struggle. So, he came up with… [read more]

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