Former NFL QB Troy Aikman Has A Workout That Is No Pain In The Back!

By / November 23, 2016 / Workouts

Former Dallas Cowboys great and Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman had his career cut short due to his constant struggle with chronic back pain. The struggle continued even after he retired from football and he knew it was time to devise a way to put an end to that struggle. So, he came up with a work out regiment that no longer irritated his back issues with the help of his personal trainer.
He now does four one hour long workouts a week that focus on building strength rather than avoiding strength training as he used to do incessantly thinking it was helping his back pain. It was, in fact, exacerbating it because his core, back and lower body didn’t have the strength to support his profession or large upper body strength. Each one of these new four workouts focuses on a different strength area – one on core, one on back, one on the front of the body and one full body.
He also focused very intensely on changing his diet to help aid in his digestion which also took a lot of the stress off of his back. He sticks to his routine very religiously which isn’t easy because of his travel that occurs as a part of his job as an NFL analyst for Fox and for personal appearances he occasionally makes – it adds up to about six months of travel a year but he still does not let that stop him from getting his workouts completed. At 50 years old, Aikman says he now feels the best he ever has and is also in the best shape of his entire life.

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